Process Safety Leadership Course for Senior Executives

Our MD, Gareth James, and Cogent Skills have jointly developed this highly practical course which is tailored to the needs of Board Members and Senior Executives. PIC consultants have delivered more than 60 of these courses involving more than 50 companies.

One company that has benefitted from this training is Croda International. Details of their experience are available from this website.

After completing the PSL course David Barraclough of Croda described it as ” beneficial given me a number of areas where I can apply better leadership to improve process safety.”

Another company that has benefitted from this training is Tamar Energy. To see the details of their experience of the training programme please visit this website.

Jean Allen, HR Manager Solvay Interox Ltd, describes her company’s follow up actions after she attended the PSL course led by Gareth James.

Further information about PSL is provided through the link below.