Process Safety Management for Operations

Process Safety Management Operations (PSMO) is the third in a series of process safety courses developed by Cogent Skills, in partnership with training providers, to meet the requirements of the Process Safety Management (PSM) training standards. PIC delivers the suite of PSL, PSMF and PSMO training programmes in a fully integrated and consistent fashion.

PSMO is a two day course for your own in-house trainer i.e. HR, Training or Senior Manager providing them with a licensed tool-kit which includes structured delivery of training standards via individual pre-prepared and licensed course content packs. This license to train model will allow you to incorporate the PSM Project Board’s pre-approved course content in with your own in-house process safety management messages. You will be provided with a PSMO Train the Trainer Licensed Resource Pack and an annual license, which will allow you to roll out the pre-approved process safety messages throughout your organisation at a time and place to suit the shift patterns and availability of your operations and maintenance technicians.

After completing the PSMO Train the Trainer course Ron Ramshaw of Interconnector described the PIC consultant as “Obviously knowledgeable and experienced. Provided help and support as necessary┬Ł”. Grant Jackson of Innovia Films added that the PIC consultant is “Very good, knowledgeable in field┬Ł.”

Further information about PSMO is provided through the link below.